CalStar Star Party

The 16th annual CalStar star party will be on 10-13 September, right in the midst of New Moon.

CalStar is moving this year. Lake San Antonio is closed for the time being, but we’re on for Whisper Canyon, in Bradley, off Interlake Road on the way to LSA.

It’s a nice place, same quality skies as at Lake San Antonio. Add in some snazzy amenities including a full outdoor kitchen and flush toilets.

Registration is currently being set up. We’ll be opening registration early next week and preregistration is required to attend. Sign up early when it opens up.

Please join our email list for registration announcements:!forum/calstar-announce/join

This email list will be ground central and first source for details.

You can visit our website at:

for more information.

a big hat-tip to Charlie Wicks for not only finding the new site but for working out the logistics to make this years CalStar possible!!!