In-Town Public Star Parties


at Houge Park in San Jose

Public Star Parties are not like other parties where people snack and drink.  Instead theses are star gazing parties where the SJAA and their members set up telescopes and let the public view the night skies at their leisure all for Free.  Members are there to assist the public and answer any questions anyone may have.  Non-members are also encouraged to bring their telescopes to share with the public.  The event lasts up to two hours. You are welcome to bring your own telescope (we can not be liable for your equipment, and please be proficient with it) but please arrive roughly one hour before the start so as to have time to set up.  The general public is invited to come and view the skies.  All ages are welcomed.  See the Event Calendar for upcoming In-Town Star Parties.

  • Q: Are reservations needed?
    A: No! Just show up!
  • Q: Do I have to bring a telescope?
    A: No! But if you have one you can share views with, bring it!
  • Q: What are the prerequisites, do I have to know anything?
    A: No! Just show up!
  • Q: Can I bring my kids/neighbors/elderly parents?
    A: Sure, bring everyone! And get the word out!
  • Q: Can I get help with my telescope?
  • A: No!  This is not the event for that. If you need help with your gear, browse around our website for other possibilities for that, such as Fix It, Quick Start or come to meetings and talk to people.

Regarding the frequency, they are held about twice a month, at the first and third quarter moon.  We don’t hold them on new moon weekends since that’s when people may want to travel further out of town. Full moons are too bright, they ruin the entire sky.  So it really depends on the calendar, on the moon phase.

One of the missions of SJAA is to engage, educate, and inspire new amateur astronomers.  It is an affordable hobby and extremely satisfying and addicting.

It is held at the Houge Park in San Jose.

We kindly request that the public review the items on this link regarding star party etiquette.