Solar Observing


The Solar Program is in pandemic mode.

Please check our calendar for up-to-date information!

Early in 2012 the club took receipt of a Lunt Hydrogen-Alpha 100mm solar telescope.  Since then, it’s been the star (!) of the party at every daytime event.  The core of the Solar Observing program is the monthly observing sessions at San Jose’s Houge Park.  On the first Sunday of every month, from 2 to 4:00PM PT, SJAA members set up the club’s Lunt for the public to come view our nearest star. Additionally, members bring their own solar telescopes, such as Coronado PSTs to projection systems, with which to compare views. Of course, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and the session is canceled, but in those oftentimes when we do set up, the sun provides an amazing show of solar prominence, sunspots and other surface details.  Wolf Witt runs the Solar Observing program and has proven a dedicated sun watcher!  (Remember: NEVER observe the sun without proper eye protection! You can go blind! Seriously!)
Please see our event calendar for the next Solar Observing event!
Where: Houge Park
Contact: Wolf Witt
See SJAA Event Calendar to the right for next viewing. Its Free for all ages! Come  view the sun through the SJAA’s Lunt Solar Telescope. Come see your home star!  Watch solar flares up close as they are occur.
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