SJAA Library

Welcome to SJAA library! 

 SJAA offers another wonderful resource, a library with good Astronomy books and DVDs…open to all our members. We have books and DVDs that will interest all age groups and specially, young children who are budding astronomers!

You can find our collection of books and DVDs by clicking on the links below –

SJAA Books


Also, we are always looking to add more fun and educational resources to our library. I have done some research and picked a few good kids’ friendly books that would be an excellent addition our SJAA library! Please check out our Wish list linked below –

SJAA Wishlist

SJAA library will gladly accept donations towards any of these books.

Last but not the least, just like any other library…we have some borrowing rules –

  • Books and DVDs are available to members for check-out during any SJAA meeting/event at Houge Park by either the librarian (Sukhada Palav) or an authorized SJAA member only.
  • Members have to present a membership card to be able to check out books and DVDs from the library.
  • Books and DVDs can be checked out for a month at a time.
  • A SJAA member can check out 2 items at a time.
  • When the items are over-due, members shall receive a reminder from SJAA librarian. Please either return the items then or send in a renewal notice.
  • Books and DVDs can be renewed twice for one month at a time.
  • On-hold or requested items can not be renewed.
  • Members can place a request for the items that are checked out and will be notified as they become available, in an order they were requested.
  • Some items will have special “handle with care” instructions. Members are requested to follow them.
  • Members are encouraged to provide feedback on the items.

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We are also looking for some help with our library right now. Here’s a summary of duties of SJAA Librarian –
SJAA Librarian

Any questions or feedback regarding the library should be sent to SJAA librarian at –