Total Lunar Eclipse

The moon will enter Earth’s shadow the evening of September 27, 2015.  Be sure to catch this one. The next lunar eclipse won’t occur until February 10, 2017!

Here are the times related to the total lunar eclipse for San Jose (all times PDT):

05:17 pm (P1) – penumbral eclipse begins (Moon below horizon)
06:10 pm (U1) – partial eclipse begins
07:07 pm – (approx.) Moon begins rise over eastern range
07:14 pm (U2) – umbral (full) eclipse begins
08:23 pm (U3) – umbral eclipse ends
09:25 pm (U4) – partial eclipse ends
10:22 pm (P4) – penumbral eclipse ends

NASA video on lunar eclipse here.–>

NASA illustrations here. Has a picture showing the different stages of the lunar eclipse and a map showing what stages can be seen from the different parts of the world.

You can see the eclipse from anywhere there is a general view of the east.

We highly recommend you get to your viewing location by 7:00pm.  The moon will already be close to the full eclipse and rise due east over the eastern range.

The SJAA will have several family-friendly activities prior to the eclipse.  If you can join us at Houge Park, here’s more info about our viewing event. All are welcome!


05:00 pm – Building 1 open for indoor programs
Basketball area closed for setup
06:30 pm – Basketball area open
06:57 pm – sunset
07:00 pm – Building 1 closed.
07:07 pm – (approx.) Moon begins rise over eastern range
10:30 pm – official end of program

  • Houge Park is in San Jose, near the 85-17 junction.  (Map here.)
  • Parking inside Houge Park is restricted to those with equipment.  Arrive early and be prepared to park some distance away.  Consider carpooling!  Heavy attendance is expected.
  • There will be telescopes and binoculars set up in the basketball area.  You’ll be able to see details on the moon. Saturn and Neptune will be in view.  Also Uranus and other deep-sky objects will be visible from about 8:30pm.  Please keep ALL food and drink away from equipment!
  • Entry into the basketball court area between 5:00-6:30pm is limited to those setting up equipment.  The grass area to the south of the basketball courts is open for the entire event.
  • If you have your own equipment (camera with tripod, binocular with tripod, or telescope), we ask you arrive and complete set up by no later than 6:15pm.  Signup is required.  More info here.
  • Things to bring:
    • Lawn chair.
    • Water.
    • Picnic dinner!
    • Your questions.  We’ll do our best to answer!
  • Please note our program officially ends at 10:30pm.
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