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SkyTools Offer from SJAA

Author: Rob Jaworski

Hello SJAA members and friends,

The San Jose Astronomical Association is a non profit 510(c)3 educational organization, bringing the science and wonderment of the science of astronomy and the night sky to the public.  We encourage people to go out at night to observe firsthand the many amazing features that are visible and readily available from not just dark locations, away from the city lights, but also many from our own back yards.

It’s not uncommon for people to use a set of tools when they go out at night, from the basic gear such as binoculars and telescopes, to sky charts, red lights, green lasers and even astronomy software.  The SJAA is proud of the loaner program that has been operating for many, many years.
Advanced Loaner Telescope Program
It’s a great way for beginners to try out and become familiar with telescopes, or to try something new.

Observing software is also very useful to help plan observing sessions and make the most of your time.  To that end, the SJAA will be coordinating a group purchase of SkyTools 3, “a complete suite of software tools designed specifically for astronomical observing.”  Learn more about it here:
And be sure to watch the demo, here:

The SJAA will be accepting orders for SkyTools 3, either the Standard or the Professional edition, between now and end of September.  The cost will be either $50.78 for standard or $90.79 for pro version.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please send a check made payable to “SJAA” and send it to:

San Jose Astronomical Association
P.O. Box 28243
San Jose, CA 95159-8243

Please be sure to write SkyTools in the memo line of your check.

This offer will be limited to 25 orders and made available only to SJAA members.  If we do not reach that level of orders, checks will either be returned or destroyed.  If you are not a member of the SJAA, this is a perfect opportunity and reason to join!  Memberships start at only $20 (tax deductible) annually and you can send the membership application and fee in the same envelope.  Forms are available on the last page of the print version of the Ephemeris, our monthly newsletter, and you can find it here:
SJAA Newsletter Ephemeris

Remember, orders will be accepted up to September 30, 2011 and you must be a current SJAA member.  The software will be distributed at a general meeting or other public event after we receive the shipment.

Thanks, and let me know of any questions.

See you in the dark,
Rob Jaworski
Secretary, San Jose Astronomical Association

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Congratulations to Rick Morales, FPOA

We had a great general meeting for the month of July 2011 this past Saturday night, the 16th.  Our guest speaker was Rick Morales of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association.


Jack Zeiders, a long time member and twice past president of the SJAA gave a few introductory remarks about the FPOA and Rick and his long term history with the FPOA.  He then presented Rick with the SJAA’s Dr A. B. Gregory Award.


Rick certainly deserves the award, given his support of amateur astronomy at Fremont Peak over his years there as a ranger of the state park.

He pulled out his slide projector and provided us with a slide show about the history of Fremont Peak State Park and the observatory that was built there in the mid 1980s.

At the end of the presentation, which brought back memories of many good times to many people in the audience, we asked that some of the people present who were involved in the construction of the observatory come up so we could get a picture of all of them together.


From left to right are Bob Fingerhut, Paul Mancuso, Jack Zeiders, Chris Angelos, and Rick Morales.

Congratulations to Rick and to the long history of the FPOA!

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