Email Subscriptions

SJAA Email Lists and Other Groups

SJAA operates several email lists for things such as board of directors business, for club announcements, and more. They are all listed below, along with pertinent information about them, including how to sign up, as appropriate.

SJAA Observers List
Reserved for SJAA members only. Join today!
The SJAA Observers list is for folks to post observing intents (where you plan to be on a given night), observing reports (what you saw, what were the conditions like), and to generally discuss visual observing. This Yahoo Group is reserved for SJAA members only. Join today!
SJAA Meetup Group
Open to all!. Join today!
The SJAA Meetup group is a great way to stay in the loop on events that are hosted by SJAA. Join this group and get proactive notices about upcoming events, ask questions, share feedback and even post pictures.  It’s always good to RSVP to events, so we know how many people to expect! Requires Meetup membership.
SJAA Announce Mailing List
This is an open mail list for official club announcements only. This is the best way to keep up with what’s going on at the SJAA, and will have only a few postings per month. Postings are held for moderation. Click here to fill out a form to be subscribed.
Board Of Directors Mailing List The board list is for club business. Club board members, officers and committee members are subscribed. Anyone may submit a posting to this list, but non-subscriber posts are held pending approval of the list moderators. Board of Directors meeting minutes are archived as part of this mailing list.
Imaging SIG Mailing List
This list is for the SJAA’s Imaging Special Interest Group. Anyone may join.