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Steve’s Adventures In Deep Space

Adventures In Deep Space

is a blog site maintained by Steve Gottlieb

Ray Cash, Mark Wagner, Mimi Wagner, Jim Shields and Steve Gottlieb – Photo by Marsha Robinson

[Steve Gottlieb]“is one of the world’s foremost visual observers, bay area amateur astronomer and all around great guy.”

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Mark’s Deep Sky Observing

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Deep Sky Observing is a blog site maintained by Mark Wagner one of our distinguished past presidents.

It is an archive of what fun it is to get out and enjoy the aesthetics of amateur astronomy. The sights are beautiful, inspiring, and fire the curiosity in the sciences, theology and philosophy. It is a mind expanding experience.

The night sky away from the brightness of an urban setting is a sight of natural beauty… a resource to protect, like our parks and waters. Just as viewing the Grand Canyon never disappoints – so does the night sky – its is humbling and awe inspiring, and truly the grandest canyon of all…

This blog is suitable for both new aspiring amateur astronomers as well as advanced amateur astronomers. There are a wealth of articles, photos and illustrations.

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Study The Moon

Studying the Moon

Michael Packer’s site on Studying The Moon has dates and times to observe some of the best features on the lunar surface including ancient shield volcanoes and lava flows:

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