Here is where to look for comet ISON for Friday Morning November 22. On Wednesday, Thursday ISON will be a bit higher in sky and Saturday a bit lower than shown. So look for it any of these days. The comet is best viewed with a small scope although you should see it with a pair a binoculars as faint blue smudge. Here is a link for a live sky of ISON:


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3 comments on “COMET ISON – VIEW IT NOW!
  1. Sukhada says:

    Will it be viewable thru 10×50 binoculars on Sunday morning around the same time? 5-5:30am? Thanks!

  2. ISON is moving towards Sun so seeing it Saturday and Sunday morning will be hard but possible. You will need a clear view of horizon and it will be below Saturn and Mercury (neat view). Start looking around 5:45AM.

  3. Sukhada says:

    Thanks, Mike! Going to Death Valley this weekend, that’s why I asked about those days particularly. 🙂 I hope I see it!