How to Volunteer

Opportunities to Participate

The SJAA is an open club. Members and non-members both are welcome and encouraged to participate in helping the club grow and find new areas of interest in amateur astronomy. Here are some current areas in which you may have an interest:

  • Houge Park events.  We need help to run various tasks at General Meetings and Public Star Parties.  For more info click here.
    • Hands-on segment w/ a dob after month Beginner’s Class
    • Info Table and Library at all Houge Park events.
    • Refreshments and clean up at our General Meetings.
  • Board of Director Meetings: Open to all. Your ideas and discussion are welcome. Meetings are at 6PM the night of our General Meetings.
  • School Star Parties: Jim Van Nuland brings astronomy to south bay schools. Very active program, and help is always appreciated.
  • Public Star Parties at Houge Park. Bring your telescope and support public astronomy! Even if you need some help, come out.
  • Fix-It Program: Like working on gear? This program invites the public to bring in equipment in need of repair, or just to explain how to use.
  • Solar Observing: Once each month the SJAA brings its 100mm Lunt H-Alpha telescope out for the public, to enjoy views of the sun. Bring your solar equipment out and support this program.
  • Imaging Special Interest Group: Talent wanted. Newbies wanted. You’re welcome to come as an interested attendee, or to help guide the program.
  • Guest Speakers: We try to have a guest speaker each month, for our General Meetings. Would you like to suggest someone interesting?
  • Have an idea? Something you think the SJAA can offer, but we haven’t thought of? Come talk to us at a Board of Directors meeting!

See SJAA Event Calendar to the right for upcoming events and opportunities.