How to Volunteer

Opportunities to Participate

The SJAA is an open club. Members and non-members both are welcome and encouraged to participate in helping the club grow and find new areas of interest in amateur astronomy. Here are some current areas in which you may have an interest:

    • Current High Priority Positions.
        • Fix-It Program: Like working on gear? This program invites the public to bring in equipment in need of repair. Anyone who can regularly attend is welcome to help out, but experience with telescopes is especially appreciated.   Commitment:  Typically about 3 hours a month.

      • Donations Chair:  Help people get a tax deduction by accepting donated Astro-gear.  Being handy with telescopes and other astronomy gear helps.   Commitment:  Varies widely, depending on if you are willing to drive and pickup gear, etc.  Typically about 5-10 hours a month.
    • General Volunteer Activities
      • Public Star Parties at Houge Park. Bring your telescope and support public astronomy! Even if you need some help, come out.
      • Solar Observing: Once each month the SJAA brings it’s Lunt H-Alpha telescopes out for the public, to enjoy views of the sun.
      • School Star Parties. Bring your telescope and help introduce local children the wonders of the night sky! Check our School Star Party page for details.
      • Imaging Special Interest Group: Talent wanted. Newbies wanted. You’re welcome to come as an interested attendee, or to help guide the program.
      • Guest Speakers: We try to have a guest speaker each month, for our General Meetings. Would you like to suggest someone interesting? Would you like to present?
      • Loaner Program: We can always use experienced telescope users to train our new members on how to use a scope, such as polar alignment, collimation.
      • Have an idea? Something you think the SJAA can offer, but we haven’t thought of? Come talk to us at a Board of Directors meeting!
  • SJAA Members Volunteer Activities
    • Starry Nights Star Party at RCDO. Only experienced SJAA members in good standing can participate (Inexperienced SJAA members please read below). Help us work with the Open Space Authority to support public access to astronomy under dark skies. Please respond to the monthly Call for Scopes on the sjaaobservers list that you are coming with a scope or binoculars. Read instructions in the Call for Scopes carefully. Participating astronomers need not obtain an Eventbrite ticket.
      Also needed:

      1. Help at checking in astronomers coming into the parking lot. Only those on the sign up list are allowed in.
      2. Docents with keys needed to close in case the lead docent cannot attend or leaves early.
      3. Overseeing/helping inexperienced, new members for the first time at Starry Nights (no more than 1 or 2 new members). Inexperienced first timers must contact the Starry Night director for permission before setting up a scope at Starry Nights. Dobs are recommended for inexperienced members and should initially gain experience using their scopes at the ITSP, Mendoza Ranch or Pinnacles.

See SJAA Event Calendar for upcoming events and opportunities.