Daytime Jupiter and Solar Observing July 1st

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First I must say hats off and a thanks for Teruo spotting Jupiter in his 8 inch SC scope this afternoon in broad daylight. That was cool.

Second I have to say solar observing is not all H alpha by a long shot. One sunspot group was just visible naked eye and Malika’s “Sunspoter” (eyepiece projection system) beautifully captured the 5 major groups today. The Sunspot count was in the 90’s and two sunspots showed exquisite umbra – penumbra detail.

Third – ok prominences today were pretty darn cool with 5 equal branching plumes looking like a row of  central valley olive trees at 10 O’clock (left-right flipped refactor view). A prominence at ~12 O’clock had part of its structure projected on photosphere giving a 3d like feel to the sun.

This image below show today’s sunspots. I crudely drew in the prominences.
Click Image to Enlarge

Great day and another hats off to Dave Ittner for taking care of a lot of folks at the Telescope Tune-up. Way to go.

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