Eclipse Report & Solar Observing June 03 2012

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With at least 7 Sunspot groups the SP number was well over 100 today. Take a look at this great photo by SJAA member Robert Duvall and note the sunspot detail at 3:30 O’clock at the edge of the solar disk.

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Today’s prominences (plasma flares) were all around the solar disk and changing shape rapidly over just a couple minutes. At 2 O’clock on the solar disk was the largest plasma stream extending perhaps 7 Earth diameters out from the photosphere. From 5 to 7 O’clock were a myriad of prominences exhibiting different structure from detached plumes, spicules to branching trees. Not many prominences were seen projected on the solar disc (compared to last month’s report or during the annular eclipse). This may have something to do with the high sunspot count and distribution. At any rate several sunspots were exquisite showing fine penumbra detail as seen in Teruo’s (SJAA member and leader) SC scope. Solar faculae were evident among many of these sunspot groups.

Speaking of the annular eclipse, here is a great time lapse compilation by SJAA member Malika using eyepiece projection. She was near center line in Navada.

YouTube Video

I took this image at center line near Mt. Lassen:

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**More pics of eclipse and SJAA’ers at Lassen center line here **

Not all of us SJAA’ers or the public made it to center line. Indeed the crowd at Houge Park was the largest ever seen (perhaps 600 plus folks over the course of this “lunar transit”.

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Eclipse Day at Houge Park


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