El Sol de Milo 01-13-13

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El Sol de Milo


El Sol is “stellar” right now. The sunspot group at center is 1x with solar glasses (so get your money’s worth and check it out). The discerning eye will note it does not look like a point but spread out diminishing to upper left (from a non-telescope CA  perspective}.

Here’s a earlier capture of the Sunspot using a highly affordable eyepiece projection system.  Credit: Malika Carter
Malika+(2)In h-alpha or standard filter the group is wicked with notable plage, pillage and turmoil.

Flares are kicker – the 6 O’clock is a looper – angled toward earth – so drapes onto the solar sphere from our perspective… 2 large prototypical loops are at 4 oclock and further up. Flares are all around the sun with most extending 6 white dwarf diameters (ie earth diameters) from the photosphere – the “surface” of the sun.

Taking an off axis shot with your point and shoot can giveyou better sunspot contrast & detail:

Stellar views!

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