Star Parties and Events

SJAA provides the public with a large range of Star Parties and Events to the public designed to interest those who are new to astronomy to the sky beyond our normal experiences.  These nighttime and daytime events introduce the public to the use of optical aids such as binoculars and telescopes and let the public view close up the planets, stars, galaxies and other heavenly bodies.  The public has a chance to ask experienced members questions about astronomy and show them how to use a telescope.  In most cases the public is encouraged to bring their own telescope to learn how to use and maintain them.  Experienced astronomy hobbyists get to share their knowledge, experiences, and passions with other amateur astronomers.

There are many among us who are quite knowledgeable about astronomy.  We love to talk with those who are curious so please join one or more of our activities.  Browse the various star party and events from the drop down menu at the top.