Annual Spring Auction

What: SJAA Auction XXXV
Where: Houge Park Map and Directions
When: Sunday 8 March 2015 (see detailed timeline below)
Who: SJAA members as well as the greater amateur astronomy community
Why: Make it easy to buy and sell used astronomy gear and socialize. And for a fundraiser for the SJAA.

San Jose Astronomical Association hosts its thirty-fifth Annual Spring Auction at Houge Park on Sunday, 8 March 2015.   Experienced observers often find equipment they need for their next observing project, from O-III filters to finders to star charts. All kinds of interesting items are found in the auction so don’t miss out on this event!

Both buyers and sellers can pre-register here. Sellers can also pre-register their items for sale.

Here were the timeline and guidelines for the 2015 SJAA Astro Gear Auction:

10:00AM – Registration starts for sellers
11:00AM – People not selling but interested in bidding can arrive to register, get a bidder number
11:30AM – Registration ends
11:30 to noon  – Official viewing time
12:00PM – Bidding begins
4:00PM – approximate time that bidding ends and accounting starts

Note there will be at least one break in the bidding, but cashing out will not be available until the end (in other words, plan to stay until the end!).

As in the past, this is a full on auction.  So the following rules and guidelines will apply.
– Buyers and sellers must stay to end of auction, no cashing out until then.
– This is a cash or check -only event; no credit/debit cards.
– Auction management reserves the right to limit the number of items anyone can put up for selling
– For sellers, you can have a reserve price, but consider an opening bid amount, otherwise, opening bid will be at the discretion of the auctioneer.
– There will be a separate form for a detailed item description to be used by the auctioneer.
– Please be aware that this is a fundraising event for the SJAA. Suggested donation is 10% of selling price paid by the seller.

More information is always made available on this webpage as well as on the SJAA-Announce List. Please bookmark or subscribe to them to stay up to the minute on the latest developments.


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