DSSH Observing Lists

Welcome to the Deep Sky Scavenger Hunt observing lists page.

Download the package of files (zip format, 7.4MB). In it, you will find 4 separate folders for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and a Bonus list.

Click here to download

Within each folder you will find 4 files:

  1. The object list
  2. A screenshot of the objects where they are in the night sky
  3. An Observing List that you can import into SkySafari so you don’t have to manually add them into the App
  4. Instructions on how to import the list into SkySafari

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced list contain 35 objects each. The bonus list contains 10 objects. In those 10 objects there are a few emission nebulas. To make it worthy of the hunt, for those objects to count, you must be able to see some nebulosity in the object, not just be able to see the stars that are in it. Consider bringing and using a nebula filter, which can be of great help on these objects.

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