Solar Eclipse 2017

The SJAA will hold a viewing event for the August 2017 eclipse and everyone is welcome.

Date: Monday August 21, 2017
Time: 9am to noon
Place: Houge Park, San Jose

Please let us know if you are joining us by RSVPing on this Meetup invite.

This will be a cross-country Total Solar Eclipse stretching from Oregon to South Carolina (As shown in the map. Find a friend or relative to stay with??), with a partial eclipse visible from the entire continental US.
Path of the Total Solar Eclipse across the continental USAPath of the Total Solar Eclipse across the continental USA

Here in San Jose we’ll see a 75% eclipse. (For any partial eclipse, you will NEED Solar Glasses constantly!).

The following NASA map shows the path of totality and degree of the eclipse by location:

The following are a few good resources on this eclipse:

If you can’t join us at Houge Park, you can still enjoy viewing the Solar eclipse and you won’t need an expensive telescope. You can purchase solar glasses and relatively inexpensive solar filters for cameras and binoculars. Note: we expect a great demand for these items, so be sure to order early!

The following are two companies (among many) that sell solar filters. The SJAA is not affiliated with either firm, but we have previously purchased products from these companies.

Please remember: Viewing the sun directly WILL injure your eyes.  View the eclipse only with a proper filter!!

Note to teachers: We invite all area science teachers to join us for our monthly solar observing events to help you prepare for the event. For times see our Upcoming Events section or the Calendar of Events