Swap Meet

SJAA’s Swap Meet is a perfect opportunity for you to go through your astro closet, find the things taking up space that you don’t use anymore, and make them available to others who may want or need them.  It’s also a great chance to find some interesting stuff, learn a lot, and mingle with other like-minded folks.

2020 Spring Swap Meet postponed until further notice.

Here are more details and important points, please read through them all..!

  • Location: SJAA basecamp, Houge Park (location and directions).
  • The doors open at 12 noon for everyone: buyer and sellers alike.  Please don’t get there too early, there won’t be anyone there. We’ll go until we’re done, probably around 2pm, very likely no later than 3pm. Decision for quitting time is up to the volunteers/showrunners.
  • Sellers: Please have your items priced ahead of time, ideally with a sticker or post-it note so there is no confusion and so that things can move quickly.
  • Advance registration is not required, though an RSVP from everyone is very much appreciated (do it via Meetup here; this helps us keep track of headcount when we have to report aggregate numbers to the City of San Jose once a year).
  • We will have tables positioned around the room with a couple of chairs per table; if you want to bring a table cloth to pretty up your area, that’s a good idea.
  • There will be at least two SJAA volunteers/showrunners present to facilitate, and to handle paperwork, including accepting donations.
  • We will have a Sellers Registration/Sales Form for sellers to complete to help track what was sold and the sales figures.
  • Suggested, voluntary donations to the SJAA are 10% of the total amount sold or a flat donation; donations are voluntary and are tax deductible for those of you who may benefit; receipts will be available.
  • Don’t bring illegal stuff or stuff that’s not able to be reasonably considered astronomy related; best judgment as always.

Any questions: You can always send mail to AskSJAA.