Items for sale

Author: Dave Ittner

SJAA has accumulated a lot of scopes and accessories over the years.   We now have too many items and too little room so it’s time to offer them up for sale.

I found it best to break them out into one of three categories – Telescopes, Eyepieces, or Misc Items and put them on their own separate page here on this blog. The links to these pages can be found to the right of this post.

These items are offered up as is and on a first come first serve basis.  Should an item not yet be priced it will be shown as $TBD.   Feel free to offer a price for us to review and then either accept or counter.

I would be glad to answer any questions you have and or show you the item of interest by setting up a time to meet at Houge Park.

Please check back periodically as we have many more items to list (will be added to the bottom of each post).

Dave Ittner

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