SJAA Logo-Wear

Show our pride and let the public know who we are! Making your own custom logo-wear is
easy and quick.

  • Download the SJAA logo file to your computer:
  • Select a logo-wear company
    • select the “Design/Create Your Own” option
    • select the product available for that option
    • follow the instructions for importing the SJAA logo file onto the site
    • follow the instructions for placing the logo on the front & back, sizing the logo, and inserting a text box if you wish to add your name.  You can customize the font type and color of text within the text box.
    • Save the design, or finish and place in your cart.  When finished with all items, go to cart and check out/order.
  • On the off-chance a company asks if you have permission to use the logo, refer them to this web page.

Some examples to get your creative juices flowing:


SJAA does not endorse any one company.  You can use a company you have ordered from before, or find one that has the items you want.  Here is a list of some companies that you can find online and that have received favorable reviews:

Cafe Press: basic black, navy or white t-shirts & long-sleeved shirts, white polo shirts, baseball jerseys, sweatshirts, baseball cap, tote bag; able to do pocket-logo on front and large-sized logo on back. Quick turn-around.

Custom Ink:  Choice of several brands, more styles and colors of shirts, and jackets.

Zazzle:  Choice of several brands, styles, colors, jackets, caps & bucket hat, various bag styles.

Amazon (Design Your Own):  Uses various companies.

Rush Order Tees:  Choice of several brands, styles, colors; caps & bucket hat, aprons, dress shirts; can do embroidery.

Spread Shirt:  shirts and sweatshirts, various brands and colors.

Customfun365:  as above

ooshirts:  as above