Solar Observing at the Chinese Moon Festival CANCELED

Sorry, only 2 Solar Telescopes signed up to attend Sunday’s Chinese Moon Festival. They expect 1,000 to 2,000 visitors and we cannot handle that size crowd with just 2 people. So I must CANCEL SJAA’s Solar Participation.

SJAA Solar Astronomers have been invited to bring their Solar Telescopes, for public viewing, to the annual Chinese Moon Festival held at the Chinese Cultural Garden (and Brookside picnic area) at Overfelt Garden Park in San Jose, CA.

This will be a huge family event, with Lion Dancers, Craft Booths, vendors, etc.

Families and children (older than 5 do best) can look at our nearest Star, The Sun, safely using special, strong filters on our Solar Telescopes. See Sunspots and Solar Flares, Prominences and occasionally Coronal Mass Ejections. Learn about our Magnetic Sun and how viewing in different wavelengths allows us to see truly spectacular solar sights with our own eyes.  We will also show new photos of the recent Total Solar Eclipse.