Solar Party at Berryessa Branch Library

SJAA will begin with a NASA slide show about “Our Magnetic Sun” in the Community Auditorium at 1pm. The talk will be about the Science of the Sun and will include: Have you ever seen a Rainbow? The Sun is like a Boiling Pot of Spaghetti, and We are all Star Dust! 

We will also talk about the USA Total Solar Eclipse coming up on August 21, 2017. We will discuss: Where to see it, what to expect, totality, how to protect your eyes, etc. Plus a short Question and Answer session. 

Then we will go outside to the front plaza of the Library to look at our nearest star: the Sun (safely, through special filtered telescopes that block 99.99% of all harmful light). SJAA will bring several solar telescopes to see sunspots, flares, prominences and other solar surface features. The Solar Party is Free and open to families with children (although, probably best for kids 5 and older).