Pics of Auction Action

SJAA 34th Annual Auction

Lots of Astronomical items were bought and sold at this auction. Here are some pics of the event:


Getting Started: registration and some free astronomy books


Buyers and Sellers


Auctioneer Greg Claytorr with “Runners” Ed Wong and Lee Hoglan


Some Fine Questars!


Scope for sale: Large, Small, and Brass


Looking over the auction items


Veteran Astronomers


SJAA Main Organizer Dave Ittner (left) with Auctioneer Greg Claytor (Right)


More Auction Volunteers from left to right: Rob Jaworski (SJAA President), Teruo Utsumi (Secretary), Lee Hoglan (VP), and Michael Packer (Treasurer)

Astronomical observer for 20 years and optical engineer. I design non-imaging prism and reflector optics for commercial, medical and high-end retail lighting.

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3 comments on “Pics of Auction Action
  1. Dan Abbott says:

    Very kewl event. Had a great time, met some nice people and even scored a nice 6se scope for my 9 year old daughter. She was of course thrilled. Thanks guys!!!

    • Rob Jaworski says:

      Yep, it was a lot of work to pull off, but well worth it in the end. And I got my 5 yr old boy a 6″ Dob. We’ll be out at Rancho Saturday night for first (for him) light!

      BTW, I love that picture of Packer, the Treasurer, with all the cash in his hand. Classic!

  2. Sukhada Palav says:

    Nice pictures!