Telescope Fix It Session

Fix It Day, sometimes called the Telescope Tune Up or the Telescope Fix It program is a real simple service the SJAA offers to members of the SJAA community for free, though it’s priceless. The Fix It session provides a place for people to come with their telescope or other astronomy gear problems and have them looked at, such as broken scopes whose owners need advice, or need help with collimating a telescope.

Weather doesn’t slow this program down, so even if it’s windy, cold and rainy outside, Fix It day goes on. Big thanks go to Larry Zurbrick for volunteering and being the gear expert who makes himself available at Fix It day!

The session is held every first Sunday of the month, from 2 to 4 PM (coinciding with the Solar Observing sessions) at Houge Park.

  • Appointments have priority for service. Scheduling an appointment helps us to prepare what we need to bring in order to provide you with the best service possible, appointment sign up cutoff time is Sat noon before Sunday Fix It session
  • Fixing telescopes issues is the priority for Fix It sessions. Training on how to use equipment may be done if the appointment is scheduled and Fixit staff have adequate coverage. The Fix It session is not intended to be a getting started in astronomy class.
  • Sorry but, we are unable to disassemble telescopes to fix electrical issues with telescopes or disassemble telescopes to clean mirrors or corrector plates on the telescopes. (We may be able to give you instructions on how to do it so you can do it on your own.)

Please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment to help us be better prepared to assist you.