Guest Speakers 2007-2010

December 2010
Dr. Tim Tubbs
Particle phsics and what we expect from the Large Hadron Collider

November 2010
Dr. Thomas Lowe
Extra-solar planet discoveries & Lick Observatory’s Automated Planet Finder telescope

October 2010
Dr. Daniel Usitov
Current Hypotheses on Dark Energy

August 2010
Dr. Seth Shostak
New Approaches to theSearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

July 2010
Dr. Jonathan Devor
Searching for Eclipsing Binary Stars, and the Strange Things We Find

June 2010
Brian Day
LCROSS Mission

May 2010
Dr. Bradford Holden
Physical Evolution of Massive Galaxies

March 2010
Dr. Constance Rockosi
The Structure of the Milky Way

February 2010
Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Astrophotography Form Local Skies

January 2010
Dr. Peter Jenneskins
Catch A Fallen Star

December 2009
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Cosmic Bird Watching: Visual Observation of the Deep Sky

November 2009
Gordon Reade
The history and development of Planetariums

August 2009
Rob Sigler
Glass-Liquid Apochromats.

July 2009
Norm Sperling
“This Book Warps Space and Time”

June 2009
Rod Norden
Pioneer 10 and 11 Missions

May 2009
Dr. Christopher Mauche
The X-ray Universe

March 2009
Dr. Kevin Zahnle
Earth After The Moon-Forming Impact

February 2009
Dr.Chris McKay of NASA
What We Have Learned From the Mars Phoenix Lander

January 2009
Dr. Ruslan Belikov of NASA/Ames
Searching For Other Earths

December 2008
Robert Sabin (UCSC)
Comparison of Stellar Characteristics of Red Giant Stars in their Evolutionary Path.

November 2008
Dr. Helen Quinn
The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter

October 2008
Monika Kress (SJSU Virtual Planet Laboratory)
Searching for life on exoplanets: How will we know it if we see it?

August 2008
UCB astronomer Dr. Frank Marchis
Binary Asteroids

July 2008
Historian John Dillon
When Astronomy Became a Science: The Museum of Alexandria.

May 2008
Dr. Dana Backman of SETI
Nearby Stars and Debris Disks: A Ringside Seat to Planet Formation

March 2008
Dr. Adrian Brown of the SETI Institute
Latest Results from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

February 2008
Milo Freund
All those Organics up in the Night Sky

January 2008
Dr. Jeff Moore of NASA
Pluto Express spacecraft’s encounter with Jupiter.

November 2007
Michael Connelly
The Formation of Binary Stars

October 2007
Peter Dunckel
Mapping Asteroid 90 Antiope in Professional-Amateur Collaboration

August 2007
Dr. Graeme Smith, UC Professor of Astronomy
Research on globular Clusters.