Quick STARt Program



Volunteers welcome

Quick STARt helps to ease folks into amateur astronomy. The QS program is for new members with little to no experience in the hobby. It is designed to provide some basic instruction about the night sky and how to use one of the SJAA loaner scopes. You have to admit, astronomy can look exciting from the outside, but once you scratch the surface, it can get seemingly complex in a hurry. But it doesn’t have to be that way if there’s someone to guide you and answer your seemingly basic questions. This Hands-On program really took off in 2012 but was sidelined for two years by the COVID Pandemic. The program helped dozens and dozens of our members get out under dark skies to discover what’s out there, firsthand. And then we can serve ourselves and the Public better. Over the years the program has used Dobsonian telescopes but we added all the accessories any good observer needs, such as observing chairs, appropriate eyepieces, sky atlases, accessory cases, etc. The Quick STARt program is available to SJAA members only and by application / invitation.

Signups for this program are forming! (Newer Members with prior contacts To Be Prioritized)
Email QuickSTARt@sjaa.net to sign up or ask any questions!

City of San Jose outdoor health rules apply

Please check out the photos below of equipment used in the program.  

Accessories and start guide

Accessories and star guide

Scope, Chair and Accessories

Scope, Chair and Accessories

QuickSTARTt kit

  • An Observer’s Chair. An adjustable height chair that folds down flat for easy transport.
  • An Orion XT6 or XT8 Sky Quest (Dob Scope)
  • A large Accessory Case
    • ‘red dot’ star finder (for Dob scope)
    • Discover the Stars book (introduction to the hobby)
    • Moon Map
    • Bright Star Atlas
    • Planisphere (star wheel)
    • eyepieces in increasing power
    • 32mm Orion Plossl eyepiece
    • 25mm Orion Plossl eyepiece.
    • 8mm AstroTech Paradigm eyepiece
    • 2X Barlow lens
    • Moon filter
    • LED red flashlight