Solar Observing Nov 4th

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Solar Observing November 4th was sublime. Nice because the weather was perfect cooltemperature, clear skies and fair seeing. The Sunspot count was in the 40’s with 4 sunspot pairs – two above the solar equator – two “mirror images” below. That was too neat to see 🙂

The symmetry of the Sun’s magnetic field lines means that a sunspot pair which forms above the equator can equally likely form a mirror image below the equator – a negative ( -x , -y )  mirror image.

Sunspot generally form in pairs.
A sunspot pair can again be formed as a mirror image below the sun’s equator because of the symmetry of the sun’s magnetic field.

H-Alpha Prominences were large and notable all around the solar disk: hedge shape, spicule and branching tree shapes noted.

Folks we are a just a standard deviation from the solar cycle maximum. 

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