The RASC Observer Handbooks Are Here!

The RASC Observer Handbooks Are Here and For Sale at all Houge Park Events
The 2014 Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Observers Handbook is the best annual astronomy resource in print.
Even In today’s tech world, amateur astronomers make the most out of any night in the field with just this book, a basic astronomy app and the optics of their choice.

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352 Pages. SJAA Price with no shipping is $25 flat – compare with net! In this paperback book you get

  • The Sky Month by Month;
  • Deep Sky Gems and Deep Sky Object Challenge (45 objects this year)
  • Location of dwarf, minor and major planets;
  • Lunar Occultations;
  • Planetary Occultations;
  • Variable Star Data (observe/learn the way stars vary in brightness);
  • Positions, Transits and Shadow transits of the bright moons of Jupiter and Saturn;
  • The 2014 Opposition of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn…;
  • Comets of 2014: location, brightness, background information;
  • Superb writeup (so says our Michael Packer) on observing the Sun with labeled diagram of sunspot features;
  • Superb articles for 2014 by noted Authors such as David Levy (Amateur Astronomer and Author), Fred Espenak (NASA), Syuichi Nakano (Sumoto Japan, 2014 comets) and “our” Derek Briet (Morgan Hill CA on Planetary Occultations).

SJAA ordered 40 of these books for our 300+ membership. We expect to be sold out by January. Now Available at All Houge Park Events

Astronomical observer for 20 years and optical engineer. I design non-imaging prism and reflector optics for commercial, medical and high-end retail lighting.

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