Total Lunar Eclipse

The moon will enter Earth’s shadow the evening of September 27, 2015.  Be sure to catch this one. The next lunar eclipse won’t occur until February 10, 2017!

Here are the times related to the total lunar eclipse for San Jose (all times PDT):

05:17 pm (P1) – penumbral eclipse begins (Moon below horizon)
06:10 pm (U1) – partial eclipse begins
07:07 pm – (approx.) Moon begins rise over eastern range
07:14 pm (U2) – umbral (full) eclipse begins
08:23 pm (U3) – umbral eclipse ends
09:25 pm (U4) – partial eclipse ends
10:22 pm (P4) – penumbral eclipse ends

NASA video on lunar eclipse here.–>

NASA illustrations here. Has a picture showing the different stages of the lunar eclipse and a map showing what stages can be seen from the different parts of the world.

You can see the eclipse from anywhere there is a general view of the east.

    Please note: The SJAA will not be holding a viewing event.